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Are you managing multiple wordpress sites? Let us secure them all.

Any software is vulnerable to security breaches. Nothing is perfect. WordPress is over a decade old and through the years, it has been tested, refined, and improvements have been made to the core software. We’ve been working with Wordpress since Gwen Stefani's hit "Holla back girl" was #1 on the Billboard charts back in 2005! Our security experience comes from the infrastructure and hosting side of IT which gives us a unique insight in securing WordPress websites and staying ahead of hackers.

Web agencies and developers should explore their security options with WordPress. Securing your site will take time and energy away from your business. That’s where we can help. OnlySecureWP provides complete security solutions including off-site backups.

Today, every business needs their WordPress website to be fully functional and accessible across all platforms, screens and devices—smartphones, tablets and laptops. OnlySecureWP proactively monitors websites daily and applies updates within 24hrs of release keeping both developers and clients happy.

We make it easy to do business with us by offering a unique vendor solution program to build value and grow an agency's topline.

Wouldn’t You like to:

  • Alleviate the hassle of constantly updating plugins for multiple websites
  • Rest easy knowing clients have daily off-site backups
  • Protect your client domains from hackers
  • Easily manage your account with our user-friendly dashboard
  • Get immediate assistance if client site is compromised
  • Speak to a live person for support
52% of reported WordPress security vulnerabilities relate to out of date WordPress plugins. Stay one step ahead of hackers


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