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It may sound nerdy, but we love this stuff.

This all began over a lunch. Allan and Craig always dreamed of teaming up whether in business or on a tennis court. OnlySecureWP was a chance to build a company together. They are building a company based on their shared values of people, loyalty and integrity. Allan and Craig want to understand their customer's business and WordPress environment needs. They have a vision of becoming the go-to company for WordPress security worldwide. In order to do so, OnlySecureWP's mission is to provide a superior WordPress security solution focused on the ever-changing needs of customers.

Craig Isdahl

Craig's love for technology started with the first computer he saw while the Jetson's was a Saturday morning cartoon. He turned that love into 25 years of IT security experience in corporate, non-profit and private enterprise. Craig worked with large organizations and small businesses in improving their networking, systems support, computer hardware, software, programming and databases. In 1998, Craig founded a hosting company and is thriving today. He applied his learnings from the hosting environment and PHP/MySQL programming experience to solve WordPress problems for the last 15 years. Craig has hands-on experience of what it takes to effectively manage, protect, and secure customers' WordPress websites.

Allan Badulis
Allan Badulis

For the past 20 years, Allan has led global life science organizations and provided management consulting services to Fortune 500 companies. He was ready for a change and a new challenge. Throughout Allan's career, he has focused on improving the lives of people. He brings his expertise in commericial operations, strategy and business development to OnlySecureWP. Allan has the passion and energy in helping organizations do what they do best. Allan ensures OnlySecureWP has the right capabilities to deliver the most up-to-date WordPress security best practices and be the partner of choice for customers.

52% of reported WordPress security vulnerabilities relate to out of date WordPress plugins. Stay one step ahead of hackers


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